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The Violent Money Story

“If you want me to do violence, pay me violent money,” was the statement that shook the globe and created an unstoppable movement in the fighting world.

Our roots flourished in the UK MMA scene, where we were fighters, backroom staff and supporters. The pretence that all fighters are well paid and living the high life is far from truth. We came together to help balance out the inequality between the way fighters are seen and the realities these future stars have by creating more opportunities. The MMA sport alone has lost countless talented athletes when it comes to them being torn between choosing their fighting career over a well-paid 9-5 to feed their families.

Violent Money was not made. It was naturally formed as a union for the athletes and fans. Starting out as a clothing line with a cause, we grew into a brand by fighters, for fighters. Supporting each other and creating opportunities in many ways. 

Our mission is to shine a beacon for those who face adversity by expressing art through high quality products, promoting opportunities and inspiring a winning mentality.

Staying congruent to our values, whilst growing successful relationships with partners and customers built on mutual respect, is the forefront of our company’s regime.