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5 takeaways from ONE: Heavy Hitters



ONE: Heavy Hitters saw the Asian combat sports giants return today at the Singapore Indoor Arena, donning their best attendance since the start of the pandemic in light of a stacked card. In this piece, I’ll be giving my top 5 takeaways from this incredible night of action.

Tiffany Teo is so close yet so far.

Tiffany Teo is undoubtably the 2nd best ONE strawweight on the roster. Yet again she impresses with a huge rear naked choke over the always dangerous Meng Bo in round 2 of ONE: Heavy Hitters. Granted, she took some heavy shots but she weathered them well, displaying that impressive heart and will to win we so often see from her. At this stage, she’s taken out everyone thats been put in her way bar the champ. Her only two professional losses are to Jing Nan and you can’t help but feel she deserves another shot, especially with her last win being today’s title challenger Ayaka Miura. Will ONE keep giving her rematches with the champ or will her Road back to the shot get longer and longer? You cant help but feel that she’s in a tough position, but as long as she keeps winning right?

Super series just got even more exciting.

Let’s face it, ONE’s light heavyweight kickboxing cohort may not be the biggest but its certainly one of the most entertaining, and one can only imagine that things are going to get even crazier with the addition of Giannis Stoforidis. He’s got more muscles than a seafood platter (thanks Schiavello) and hits like a truck, the latter in full force as he slept Beybulat Isaev with a vicious lead hook in a bizzare double knockdown incident early in round 1. How’s that for a debut. Beybulat arguably secured KO of the year last year after flatlining Kecojevic but this year, Giannis has swooped right in and given him a taste of his own medicine. A very exciting addition to light heavyweight, another dynamite handed monster added to an already KO ridden division cant do any harm right? Well to us at least. I can only imagine we are going to see a mean light heavyweight highlight reel by years end with results going either way. We relish the unpredictability.

Saygid Izagakhmaev is here to stay

With the backing and comparisons to Khabib, Saygid’s reputation certainly proceeded him and for good reason. Not only did he have a very tough debut in James Nakashima but he passed it with flying colours, firing on all cylinders come round 2 to control and finish the former welterweight title challenger with a lovely arm triangle. His ground game is slick, suffocating and very very deadly, dispatching of a proven well rounded contender with relative ease. An incredible night at the office for the Russian, lots of a favourable match ups for him at lightweight and with performances like that, expect him to secure a place at the top table sooner rather than later.

Tawanchai is belt bound

What a phenom. It was never in doubt that Tawanchai is one of the most talented Muay Thai practitioners on the planet, but no one handles Saemapetch like that. Tawanchai put his fellow Thai down twice in the first with some vicious boxing combinations to secure a first round finish at ONE: Heavy Hitters. Number 1 contender spot secured, two incredible finishes at bantamweight, brimming with confidence, this man deserves a crack at Nong-O and he deserves it now. That being said he has expressed in moving to featherweight and going after Petchmorakot’s belt. The featherweight clash with Sittichai was a bump in the road, but at bantamweight, Tawanchai is looking untouchable. Either way, featherweight or bantamweight, he never fails to entertain.

Xiong Jing Nan doesn’t have many challenges left at strawweight.

Xiong Jing Nan has dominated the strawweight division ever since her arrival and honestly nothing has really changed in 5 years. She takes Miura all 5 rounds but didnt encounter any danger at all, defending any take downs that came her way and picking her opponent off from the outside when she had the fight in her realm. She showed the necessary skills needed to retain that belt and honestly, what’s next? The Teo trilogy is on the table but even then that’s an opponent she’s taken out twice. The only other viable test I see is one of the atom weight standouts moving up but only time will tell. Another composed title defence for Jing Nan to round out a superb card.

Also on the card, Shuya Kamikubo continued his 10 fight win streak with a 3rd round submission over bantamweight staple Troy Worthen, while Senzo Ikeda secured a lovely third round finish over Elipitua Siregar by way of a nasty selection of liver shots. Supergirl Fairtex secured a split decision victory over Ekaterina Vandaryeva in a controversially scored contest.

Despite a number of quality bouts falling victim to medical protocols and thus being scrapped from the card, the event still delivered. If you love finishes and let’s face it, who doesn’t, this was a card any combat sports fan would enjoy.

You can see the full results for ONE: Heavy Hitters below:

Shuya Kamikubo def Troy Worthen via round 3 rear naked choke

Tiffany Teo def Meng Bo via round 2 rear naked choke

Giannis Stoforidis def Beybulat Isaev via round 1 KO

Senzo Ikeda def Elipitua Siregar via round 3 TKO

Supergirl def Ekaterina Vandaryeva via split decision

Saygid Izagakhmaev def James Nakashima via round 2 arm triangle choke

Tawanchai def Saemapetch via round 1 TKO

Xiong Jing Nan def Akaya Miura via unanimous decision


5 takeaways from ONE: Only the Brave



ONE Championship were back today with ONE: Only the Brave, an event which although it was hit by cancellations as always, still saw us able to tuck into an 11 fight card! With the semi finals of the featherweight kickboxing grand prix and some big contests in terms of divisional standings, here are 5 takeaways from ONE: Only the Brave.

Kondratev can upset at featherweight

Kondratev may not be a huge name In a shark tank of featherweight kickboxers, but with a superb finish over the previously undefeated Dovydas Rimkus, he’s certainly shown he has upset potential. Obviously he has bags of kickboxing ability, but what’s most noticeable is that always threatening fight ending power. Even in his ONE debut loss to Pound for pound staple Marat Grigorian, Ivan’s power shone through, putting the Armenian down, a man who’s renowned for being able to take a hit. Although he finds himself in argueably the most stacked kickboxing division of all time, Kondratev has shown he’s never out of the fight, something to keep in mind going forward. He can land, he can hard and he can certainly stir up that division.

Brooks is belt bound

UFC veteran Jarred Brooks may have only debuted for ONE in January with a round 2 submission over Lito Adiwang, but with a huge unanimous decision victory over today over #4 ranked strawweight Hiroba Minowa, he looks to be on a direct path to ONE gold.
He may possess a set of underrated a deceptively fast hands, but its no secret Brooks’ bread and butter is his suffocating wrestling base. He’s used this imposing tool to tear through his ONE opposition thus far and looks to face strawweight King Joshua Pacio next time out. If he sticks to his strengths and matches the pace he’s been setting in recent outings, you can’t help but think he’s going to be a nightmare for all the top strawweights and flyweights ONE have to offer.

Opacic is the uncrowded king at heavyweight.

ONE’s heavyweight kickboxing division may not be the deepest division they have, but ONE things for sure, Rade Opacic is the uncrowded king. ONE bring in new heavyweights and Opacic just keeps knocking them down. He continued his impressive streak today with a second round TKO over a game Francesko Xhaja. Since joining ONE, Opacic is 4-0, all 4 being second round stoppages credit to his heavy hands and composed yet very intelligent kickboxing style for a man who’s just 24 years of age. Body work, head shots, leg kicks, you name it Rade sprinkles his whole arsenal into these contests which makes him so unpredictable and dangerous. Yet to be challenged, expect this Serbian to continue adding to an already violent highlight reel as he surges toward that gold strap.

Zhang Lipeng is DANGEROUS

We were initially impressed with the experienced Lipeng after his debut unanimous decision victory over former champ Eduard Folyang last August. Fast forward to earlier today he wasted no time forcing his name into lightweight contention, flatlining a confident Ruslan Emilbek Uulu in just 32 seconds with a vicious two piece. Lipeng is showing it all, he can go the distance imposing a well rounded game and he harbours that killer instinct and power to end the fight in an instant. A very exciting addition to an electric lightweight roster, don’t be surprised if Lipeng causes some damage to those rankings come years end.

Chingiz Allazov is a threat to Superbons throne

Although suffering a tough defeat to Enriko Kehl on his ONE debut, Chingiz Allazov has since shown everyone why he’s one of the best featherweight kickboxers in the world. The vicious beat down of Samy Sana in just 39 seconds was one thing, but today even having suffered a late opponent change, Allazov decemated and outclassed Thai warrior Joe Nattawut. Utilising those fast and slick boxing combinations and implementing the body work he does so well, all Allazov needed was to accompany them with a couple of bludgeoning head kicks and it was wraps for his Thai opponent. Don’t be fooled by his debut, Allazov is very much one of the best kickboxers on earth, once he finds that rhythm he’s seemingly unstoppable, don’t be surprised at all if he takes the grand prix title.

Also on the card, Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong looks untouchable, convincingly taking out Davit Kiria in the second featherweight semi final bout, securing a comfertable unanimous decision victory. The Thai violently picks Kiria apart utilising all of his tools in a masterful fashion. He will take on Chingiz Allazov in the featherweight grand prix final. A Superb victory for both fighters, what a final we have in store.

Full results for ONE: Only the Brave:

Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong def Davit Kiria via unanimous decision

Chingiz Allazov def Joe Nattawut via round 1 TKO

Zhang Lipeng def Ruslan Emilbek Uulu via round 1 KO

Rade Opacic def Francesko Xhaja via round 2 TKO

Hiroyuki Tetsuka def Edson Marques via round 3 KO

Jarred Brooks def Hiroba Minowa via unanimous decision

Ivan Kondratev def Dovydas Rimkus via round 3 KO

Tatsumitsu Wada def Wang Shuo via unanimous decision

Purev Otgonjargal def Micael De Jesus via unanimous decision

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ONE: ONLY THE BRAVE Final Weight and Hydration Results



ONE: ONLY THE BRAVE goes down today headlined by a Featherweight Kickboxing grand-prix semi-final between Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong and Davit Kiria. Jarred Brooks and Zhang Lipeng will also feature on the card under MMA rules.

You can see the full final weigh-in and hydration results below.

ONE: ONLY THE BRAVE Final Weight and Hydration Results

Kickboxing – Featherweight (65.9 KG – 70.3 KG)
Sitthichai Sitsongpeenong (69.25 KG, 1.0066) vs. Davit Kiria (70.30 KG, 1.0091)

Kickboxing – Featherweight (65.9 KG – 70.3 KG)
Jo Nattawut (69.45 KG, 1.0057) vs. Chingiz Allazov (70.20 KG, 1.0241)

Mixed Martial Arts – Featherweight (65.9 KG – 70.3 KG)
Kim Jae Woong (70.20 KG, 1.0156) vs. Tang Kai (70.10 KG, 1.0229)

Mixed Martial Arts – Lightweight (70.4 KG – 77.1 KG)
Ruslan Emilbek Uulu (77.05 KG, 1.0144) vs. Zhang Lipeng (76.85 KG, 1.0233)

Kickboxing – Heavyweight (102.2 KG – 120.2 KG)
Rade Opacic (111.50 KG, 1.0176) vs. Francesko Xhaja (103.00 KG, 1.0031)

Mixed Martial Arts – Strawweight (52.3 KG – 56.7 KG)
Hiroba Minowa (56.40 KG, 1.0087) vs. Jarred Brooks (56.25 KG, 1.0005)

Kickboxing – Catchweight (71.65 KG)*
Ivan Kondratev (70.95 KG, 1.0191) vs. Dovydas Rimkus (71.65 KG, 1.0009)

Mixed Martial Arts – Catchweight (61.50 KG)**
Tatsumitsu Wada (60.95 KG, 1.0044) vs. Wang Shuo (61.50 KG, 1.0091)

Mixed Martial Arts – Welterweight (77.2 KG – 83.9 KG)
Hiroyuki Tetsuka (83.15 KG, 1.0229) vs. Edson Marques (83.60 KG, 1.0078)

Mixed Martial Arts – Catchweight (108.0 KG)
Anderson Silva (108.00 KG, 1.0128) vs. Paul Elliott (106.15 KG, 1.0070)

Mixed Martial Arts – Bantamweight (61.3 KG – 65.8 KG)
Purev Otgonjargal (65.40 KG, 1.0009) vs. Micael De Jesus (64.30 KG, 1.0160)

Hydration values less than or equal to 1.0250 earn a passing mark, while values greater than or equal to 1.0251 earn a failing mark. Athletes who failed weight and hydration tests on Day 1 or Day 2 are given another chance to clear tests on the morning of the event.

*Bout originally at featherweight (65.9 KG – 70.3 KG), now at a catchweight of 71.65 KG. Both athletes failed to pass weight and hydration. Bout is no longer a ONE Featherweight Kickboxing World Grand Prix alternate.

**Bout originally at flyweight (56.8 KG – 61.2 KG), now at a catchweight of 61.50 KG. Wang Shuo failed to pass weight and hydration, and will forfeit a percentage of his purse to Tatsumitsu Wada.

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Team Renegade’s Tom Breese signs multi-fight deal with Levels Fight League



Top UK fighter Tom Breese (12-3) has officially signed a multi-fight deal with Levels Fight League and will make his promotional debut at LFL 4 on March 13. 

The fighter and coach out esteemed UK gym Team Renegade, which houses stars such as Leon Edwards, Jai Herbert & Aiden Lee, joins the dutch promotion folliwng his release last year from the UFC.

During his time within the UFC, the 30 year old enjoyed a 5-3 run in the UFC between 2016 and 2021 with notable wins over Dan Kelly, Cathal Pendred, and Keita Nakamura, and earned ‘Performance of the Night’ honours on three occasions.

Tom Breese will face David Ramires (8-4) in the main event of Levels Fight League 4. The Dutch-based Brazilian won his last fight via knockout in the first minute of the first round in the main event of LFL 3 back in October and will be aiming for a repeat performance. 

LFL 4 will be available to watch live around the world on on March 13!

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